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Technikon SA has, as part of its mission committed itself to "use appropriate technology effectively for open and distance learning courseware delivery and service provision".  To support this commitment, TSA is collaborating with Interface Media to provide all our learners (and staff) access to a free Web-based e-mail system.

The Web-based e-mail system uses a normal Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) as an interface. This means you will be able to send and receive e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet no matter where it is (at work, at home, a cyber café, a learner center or even from overseas).

This initiative also fully supports our Virtual Campus (TSA COOL) that is browser based, enabling you to provide a permanent e-mail address for more effective communication with your lecturers, tutors and fellow students.

We hope you enjoy the service.

Good luck with you studies!

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